That fun tweet fiction I posted about :D

Well here it is, in most of its entirety! 😀 There’s some out of order, some missing, and a LOT of hilarity. It was incredibly fun to make this, so there will most likely be further installments. You can, of course, follow any of the three of us at Twitter to make sure that you keep up on this saga if you enjoy it. And here we go…

From Ksenia’s blog:

It all started yesterday when I tweeted: “One day I will totally write a novel about a turtle, a sloth, and a dust bunny. And they’ll be druggies.” Then Brandy Owens tweeted to me: “Their drug of choice should be glitter. It would make their struggles more intense.” Then Floyd Tangerine chimed to both of us: “The dust bunny should be a knight. From another planet. And turn into a shark-dragon at every high tide.” 

And it grew into a Tweet Flash Fiction piece composed by Brandy and Floyd firing tweets at each other, one sentence after another, and me watching it unfold with big eyes and threatening them to post it on my blog when it was finished. A flash ficiton piece composed over tweets, now that’s something! And because it’s Lewis Carroll’s birthday today, and no story is ever too crazy, here it is:


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