Footprints In My Soul

I wrote this 2/22/11. Like the other free writes I’ve posted, this is raw and hasn’t been edited.

The last time he walked inside my mind, he left his footprints in my soul. His eyes stared into mine and I was complete for those moments.

“Always remember me,” he whispered in my mind as his arms wrapped around me, clinging against the storm. It was like he knew then, and of course – why wouldn’t he? He always knew everything before I did, even then.

He felt my pain, just like I feel his. For a being so light to my darkness, he feels agony so beautifully. I only wish I could fix everything for him, tear away the creatures causing him pain and make them suffer the way they’ve made us suffer.

Maybe someday I will leave footprints behind in his soul the way he always has in mine. Those footprints will be the footprints of hope, love, and beauty to stomp away the pain.


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