A Barefooter’s Journey Outside In Traditional Shoes

Something you might know about me if you pay attention to my twitter feed is that I am a Barefooter. What does that mean? It means that I prefer to do everything and go everywhere either barefoot or in minimalist shoes. It’s been about a six months or so since I decided to return to my roots (and all of our roots) and begin to phase shoes out of my life completely. I bought a pair of Invisible Shoes (or as they’re called now, Xero Shoes) and that was that. Since then, I can count the number of times I’ve worn traditional shoes on one hand.

Tonight, I did just that. I donned a pair of traditional walking shoes because it was cold and I needed to go outside. The walk was exhilarating. It was freezing, and I wasn’t wearing thermal underwear or a hardy Winter coat (I don’t have one). I decided not to wear gloves, thinking that it couldn’t be that cold. My fingers went numb toward the end of the walk, but that’s neither here nor there.

The problem was my feet.

Oh, they were warm…ish with the walking shoes and socks on. The problem was that I couldn’t move them except in a straight kick-out, step motion.

The shoes squeezed my toes in together and pushed against the ends of my toes. My gait returned from a light, graceful one to a graceless heel-toe stomping mess. My calves burned and screamed.

I never want to wear shoes again. First chance I get, I’m buying no-sole moccasins for journeys outside into the cold. This is all the validation I need to know that traditional shoes and I will never again work together (even though we never did before… I’ve always struggled with them in some way).


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