Taking a short break

I’m taking a short break.

I don’t deal well with stress, and all of a sudden I inflicted tons of said stress onto myself at once. Saying that I don’t deal well with stress is a bit of an understatement, given that too much stress tends to make me physically and emotionally sick. When that happens, so does a slow decline until I’m too burnt out to get out of bed and instead of being a productive person, I zone out and watch fluffy romantic comedies and other such stereotypically “girly” fare. There may or may not be chocolate involved. The chocolate may or may not cause my digestive system to punish me.

So I’m going to take a break and pause on blogging. Or, rather, I’ll still blog. I’m going to pause on the pressure I’ve been placing on myself to adhere to the theme days (which, admittedly, I’ve sucked at since the beginning). When I made up the theme days, it was with the intention that they would give me structure and a reason to post every day so that I could get this blog on the road and earn a great audience. However, I simply can’t write and tweet and do my daily living things AND come up with new topics on a daily basis then shove them into the blog all at once. It’s too much self-induced stress.

On the one hand, I’m sorry for rambling at you all about something you may or may not care about. On the other hand, I feel like you all deserve to know that the theme days are out except for those miraculous times when I can come up with something. Have a great day/night, whenever you are! Until later….


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