Life Update

I’ve had a lot of things happening in my life, so I’ve let this blog slide. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed any of you.

Now that the formality is out of the way, here’s my update! 🙂

1. I’ve been busy going through and getting rid of my belongings, shredding old writing and papers, and doing a lot of reflecting. I’m preparing for a move and some other big life changes. This is, obviously, very stressful and time consuming. My room currently looks like a tornado hit it.

2. With that self-reflection comes necessary confrontation of various inner turmoils. This is a very painful process, but it needs to happen in order to allow me to grow.

3. I’ve been sick on and off. It may be allergies, it may be an ongoing cold. This has been pulling me down. Still, I’m determined to beat it.

4. People I care about have been ill and it’s very stressful.

With all of that going on, I have still managed to do some writing related things! 🙂 I’m still working on “Mist” and haven’t abandoned her. I’m only taking a short break. I’m trying to determine whether any of my other writing from years past is ready to be shoved out into the world for Beta Readers to read before publication. I’ve finally gotten around to designing a worthwhile cover for Lover’s Inferno and I’m very proud of it.

Also, I’ve disabled comments for this blog. As much as I want to hear from you, I don’t have time nor energy to moderate all comments and determine which ones are spam when one is caught by the spam filter. I could let the comments run wild but then I feel an internal pressure to respond and feel guilty if I don’t. I don’t want to ignore you, so if you want to discuss something you can find me on Twitter. I enjoy tweeting with others and connecting that way, so don’t be shy. I won’t snarl at you unless you snarl first. 🙂

Have a wonderful day or night, wherever and whenever you are. I hope you’re enjoying your life and feel full of vitality!