There Are Shoes Everywhere!

While I’ve been away, a few things have practically shoved themselves down my throat to get my attention (or so it seems). In this case, it’s that shoes are everywhere in my little corner of the world. I know, this is obvious. There is no way to avoid this truth. At the same time, does anyone really notice unless they’ve decided to either pay more attention or stop wearing boots, sneakers, etc.? Now that I’ve taken the leap to wearing only minimalist Xero Shoes and going barefoot when and where I can, shoes are obvious to me.

During one of my walks while it was still snowing, I walked through some piled up snow. Naturally, my feet got COLD. The outside numbed and I ended up sitting down waiting for them to thaw back out and warm up. A runner passed me, then turned back and asked if I needed help. I told him no, but thank you very much. My feet were just cold from walking through the snow and I was thawing them out. He said he’d give me socks if he had any extras and continued on his way. I felt happy with the interaction and sat in the sun for a little while longer.

After my feet thawed, they were hot. They felt hot from the inside out, literally, and I touched them to make sure. Oh, yes, they were nice and toasty.

I continued on my way. By this point, my body had heated up from the inside out so I played with the snow as I walked, melting it and shaping it between my hands. I encountered a woman who was power walking. She moved her arms up and down and everything. We exchanged pleasantries, then she looked at my feet (clad in Xero Shoes) and exclaimed, “Aren’t your feet cold?!” I explained that they were when I started out but they’ve since warmed up. She shook her finger and told me to go get some shoes and socks, then passed me by while I simply smiled.

Both of these people wore athletic shoes, and I wondered if they were cold. After all, they were both bundled up head to toe and moving as fast as they probably could. I was walking around wearing clothes that were more suited for warmer weather (jeans, a t-shirt under my hoodie, and sandals), but I felt pretty warm. I thought it was pretty presumptuous of one adult to tell another adult what to do, but figure it’s just part of the culture and unthinking tendency of people to think they know best – especially when one of said adults looks young. (I’m told I look a lot younger than I really am, which clashes with my preteen and teen years, when I looked older than I was. XD)

Then I’ve been noticing shoes in books, in movies, in TV shows. My fellow authors, for some reason, seem to enjoy writing about character preferences for shoes. It’s become something of an identity in American culture, and articles and books abound about what your shoes say about you as a person. Really?! People actually believe they can tell who someone is by what shoes they wear? That shows just how far this shoe addiction has become.

So there we have it. Shoes are everywhere, and it’s never been more obvious to me.