World Tragedies: How To Cope

First of all, I want to say that my heart and sympathies go out to everyone suffering in all current tragedies around the world. We don’t hear about all of them, and we definitely don’t hear about the personal ones that envelop peoples’ private lives. If we knew about everything horrible that happens, there would be no doubt that this world is an incredibly scary, painful place most of the time and most of us wouldn’t be able to handle it.

I learned of the tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon on Twitter. At first, I couldn’t believe it because my initial thought was, “Why a marathon?! It’s just people running and celebrating the runners!”

I don’t care who did it. I don’t care why they did it. I’m terrified of the consequences that ALWAYS come because of terrorist acts, sickened that this is becoming MORE of a problem instead of LESS of a problem, and frankly, very angry. I’m also thankful that no one close to me was involved, and touched by some of the survivor tweets about the kindness of absolute strangers during the chaos.

So, to cope, I watched this movie. I recommend watching it for both the hilarity and the social commentary, whether you need to cope with something or not. Any comedy or movie that you like will do, in fact, just get yourself out of your own head if you’re struggling to cope.