Food To Nourish… Hair

I know, not what you were expecting! 😛 Still, it’s true, (good) food nourishes your whole body, so why not use it on your locks?

As you know, I’ve recently taken the plunge into the world of No Poo. I cut back on the Apple Cider Vinegar, increased the amount of baking soda, and started noticing some differences. For one thing, when I was using ACV rinse each time, my hair straightened which I don’t want. Part of the reason I’m making the switch is because I need to get rid of the waxy residue of commercial shampoo from my hair so that I can feel like myself again. When I was very little, I had crazy spiral curls and ringlet type hair, until my shampoo changed and weighed my hair down until it was pin straight, then various shampoos over the years have allowed it some tiny semblance back to my original curls but not near enough. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that going No Poo is a process that takes some adjustment.

My hair has been dry and has a lot of damage. The damage, split ends, and dryness has been bugging me a lot, and it’s because of hair dye. (No more of that!) So I decided to try something new and so far, it seems to have worked out beautifully. So if you want to deep condition your hair but don’t want to buy a commercial deep conditioning treatment, look no further than your kitchen! Here’s what I did:

I mixed 2 big spoonfuls (table spoons, but not the official measurement) with a squeeze of honey (probably about 1 table spoon of honey). You’ll want to adjust this for your own hair length and volume. (When I do this again, I’m planning on using twice this much since I underestimated. You’ll figure it out for your own needs, too.) Make sure that you have a plastic bag, shower cap, etc. prepared and ready to put on your head. I then took the mixture into the bathroom, applied it on my hair from the bottom and underneath up and out. This is intuitive, so you’ll figure out how best to do it for your own hair. My hair pretty much immediately went from straight-ish and static filled to curled up against each other, making it harder to spread the mixture. It will be sticky, so try to rub it in as much as you can (but try not to rub your hair together in a tangle-inducing manner). Once the mixture was spread all the way to my roots (not very well at the top), I gathered my hair into a twist of sorts, maneuvered the bag to hold the back of my hair, pulled it forward, twisted the handles and top together, and clipped it with a clothespin. The bag is not only to make sure that your hair doesn’t end up leaving the mixture all over the place but it’s also so that your hair retains the heat from your head, opening your hair up to better receive the treatment.

I waited. First, I set the timer for 3o minutes. I felt like leaving it in for a bit longer when the time was up, so I waited another half hour. Ultimately, the conditioner was in my hair for a full hour.

Once the hour was up, I went into the bathroom and began the process of washing it out in the tub. Now, I’m not going to give you a play by play of my bath, so you’re going to have to use your own experience here, LOL. What I did learn that’s relevant to this post is… while rinsing it out, it comes out as with a milky consistency and color, so it’s easy to tell when you’ve gotten all of it out (the water will run clear out of your hair). Near the roots, massage your scalp because chances are you’re not going to use anything to wash your hair after it’s out (I think that defeats the purpose of the treatment). And voila!

Towel dry (squeeze, don’t rub) and wait for it to air dry. My own hair is still damp, over an hour later, but the curls and waves are definitely returning. My hair does have a very nourished feel to it, the dryness seems to be gone, and it’s incredibly shiny. We’ll see what happens later!

Sorry I don’t have pictures of the before and after. Maybe I’ll think to take pictures another time!

Please forgive any grammatical, spelling, etc. mistakes I’ve made in this post. It’s well past midnight and I’ve been up being productive like the Energizer Bunny today. I wish you luck if you decide to use this method for your own hair! ❤