Cleaning, Full Moons, and Computer Problems

First of all, happy full moon. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I adore them. There’s so much mystery and lore regarding full moons that it naturally stirs the imagination, and I find myself antsy and unable to sleep when the moon goes full.

I’ve been taking time to Spring-Summer Clean my home. This is an in depth but necessary process. It means I’m not spending as much time online, but I have been reading a lot at least.

I’ve also been experiencing some computer problems. So far, I don’t know what’s causing it. 3 separate programs, lots of full scans, quick scans, and even a boot time scan have revealed nothing. I’m currently running another program and we’ll see what happens from there. If it finds nothing and the problems persist, that’s it for this current incarnation of my computer and a full reformat is in order. We’ll see. I’m tempted to just reformat anyway since I’ve had this computer for a couple of years and over time it’s acquired some issues which may not be as resolved as I’ve been believing.

In the meanwhile, I’ve begun re-writing Mist, the story about the zombie apocalypse, with a lot of changes. I’m still planning on taking my author photo (within a couple of weeks from this date), revising some of my old writing and self-publishing that, and doing a few other things. My next entry will be an announcement.

I hope you’re all having fun, what with the warmer weather in the parts of the world where my stats tell me most of you are from. Have a good day/night, whenever you are! 🙂