Health, Life, and Family

Has anyone else ever noticed how most of my posts come late at night?

Anyway. The last time I posted, I was not in a good frame of mind or a good position in life. A lot has improved, thankfully. 🙂


First off, I moved states to be with my family. Things are working out pretty well since then, except… *gasp* my health has been one thing after another. Granted, my health was crappy before I moved but it’s like now that I’m in a safer situation and a safer environment my body’s deciding to just deal with everything that I was putting off dealing with.


In the past month, I’ve… been bitten by fire ants multiple times all over my feet and legs; had swollen legs and ankles in reaction to that; been hospitalized for an emergency blood transfusion and other treatments (which I’m still dealing with); and finally… right now, I have a cold or a sinus infection that’s been pretty reoccurring. It was worse yesterday and in the evening last night but for the most part I think I cleared most of it out (finally). I have a sore throat, runny nose, and keep sneezing and having to blow my nose. I have a general “under the weather” feeling. I suspect that I had a fever. So I’m taking medications to fix the blood issue (which I can’t stress how grateful I am to finally have gotten some medical attention for from doctors who actually took it seriously instead of just sending me home!), need to see more doctors and get that straightened out, and am treating a few other issues that I’m not going to post about on the public internet. Oi, lol.


So there we go. I haven’t done much writing because I’ve been busy, whether with family or down because of ample health issues rising their ugly heads. I have been conceptualizing more of Mist so that it makes more sense and loses its craptastic edge, lol. Other than that… I’ve just been living offline and away from the computer. 🙂 It’s refreshing but I’d like better health to do it with.


I hope you’re all well. Have a great day/night, whenever you are! 🙂