The Bright Side of Illness

Is there a bright side to illness?

I wouldn’t have thought so before, but now I have given some thought to it as part of becoming empowered.

For the past six months, I’ve been seemingly sick one illness right after another. For many reasons, this is to be expected – namely because my immune system wasn’t getting much of a work out for a few years leading up to now and suddenly my body’s coming up against all these things that she’s just not used to fending off. So, because the lowest common denominator in all of this is that people get sick if exposed to illnesses they can’t fend off, I’ve been succumbing pretty easily lately.

The bright side that I’ve decided to look to, and advise others to look to as well, is that this is a work out for my immune system. It teaches my body what to fight against, through losing to these foreign life forms (viruses, bacteria, etc.). So… that’s the bright side. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as far as the immune system is concerned. Think of how much worse illnesses would be if no one ever got sick (so never developed immunities) and suddenly a super powerful disease showed up!

I am grateful that my immune system is being tested and therefore learning.

Have a great day/night, whenever you are, everyone! 🙂