Earth Gazing

I ran out of word allotment lol. And not quite a bottle of glitter but I comprehended only “glitter” when I began writing. Oops. At least it’s something, though! 

The astronaut looked out into space from his position on the moon. It was stunning, dark nothingness filled with glitter made of stars and planets. 
“It’s beautiful. Over,” he stated through the microphone in his helmet. Awe resonated through his voice.
“Aren’t you glad you’re wearing that suit?” One of his ship mates retorted. 
He felt a rush of adrenalin at the thought of what would happen to him without it. The thought drove a shiver down his spine. He thought of the glow-in-the-dark fake feather his daughter gave him. “For good luck,” she’d said. Gabby was a sweet girl.


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