​Words, I gave away 

Power lost and scattered among the stars in my mind 

I choked,

Choking on words unsaid –

Things I couldn’t say.

Hold it in,

Hold it back, 

Words can’t save me anymore. 

Salvation was gone,

Stripped away,

My spirit beaten and soul torn.

I returned to words,

They ran away. 

Nothing to hold to,

I floated in the vastness of empty space.

Hold me,

But there was no one there to hold.

Nothing solid, not even words. 

Dissociated from the truth,

My mind I could not find.

Don’t you see there was nothing left inside? 

Words, my salvation, were gone as I 

Choked on what I couldn’t write, couldn’t say.

No more choking. 

My salvation, I find again. 


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