Vampires: Not Meant For Time Travel

​”Breathe in, breathe out,” Sergio chanted under his breath. It wasn’t clear whether the pallor of his skin was due to the fact that he was a vampire or due to the panic attack ravaging his system. The time travel director shrugged. Vampires were weird enough as it was, as far as he was concerned. 
The time travel director brushed some wayward hair off his forehead. “When we get back to the year 1999, remember no one knows you’re from 2186. Keep decorum.”
Sergio watched as the director wound a toy from yesteryear. The clown head popped out. Sergio fainted.


3 thoughts on “Vampires: Not Meant For Time Travel

  1. Some interesting prompts here and I think you managed to do them justice! Certainly would never have put those things together naturally haha. Make’s you wonder, what reason does a Vampire have to Time Travel? Interesting!

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