The Magical Photoshoot 

It was nothing like the brightness of a photo set. That was the first thing Janine noticed when she entered the room. 

“Hello?” She called out in her alto voice. Her voice made her stand out in the sea of high pitched, chirping voices that other stereotypical models spoke with. She suspected they learned chirping from some sort of Suburbanite Princess class and who was she to knock that?

The only light in the area was the flickering glow of the candles inside of sconces mounted to the four walls. 

“Ah, Janine, glad you could make it,” said a tenor voice as its owner rounded the corner from an adjacent room. “Now that you’re here, we can get started.”

“Oh…kay,” Janine replied, taken aback by the black robe he wore. Paired with his black hair, the robe made his pale skin glow eerily. He reminded her of a vampire.

“Your outfit is on the counter in the bathroom and I’m glad to see you did your own makeup. Good. This shoot needs to be finished by three.” He gestured off to the side, likely indicating the bathroom. 

While Janine made her way to the other room, he began setting up the camera. 

Inside the bathroom, Janine found a black lacey thong and a strappy bra. She undressed and changed undergarments quickly. Checking herself over in the mirror, she admired the way the colors of her face, body, and outfit complemented each other. The olive tone of her skin blended well with the black of the lingerie. The highlighted brown of her hair emphasized the way the gold eye shadow sparkled. She didn’t even find it strange that the straps of the bra formed an inverted pentagram. Obviously this was a more alternative line, something her agent failed to explain, but she would address it later. 

She left the bathroom and took her place in front of the camera.

“Where are the others?” She asked. Usually shoots were full of people. 

“They’ll be here later,” the photographer claimed. 


“Just remember this is like no photoshoot you’ve ever experienced,” the photographer said cryptically. 

Warning bells rang in Janine’s mind but she brushed it off. Her agent was too invested in her reputation to send her off to be raped. Janine was a worthwhile client on the rise. She wouldn’t dare risk losing such a client.

The door opened at that moment and another model walked in, followed by another woman. 

“Good. Everyone’s here. Places.” The photographer clapped his hands and the two newcomers arranged themselves next to Janine.

“Okay, girl, we’re going to join hands and you two will repeat after me. Curtis is going to film us while we do this,” the woman instructed.

They joined hands and the woman began chanting. Janine could hear the click of the camera so she knew it wasn’t just a joke or some weird fetish thing. At least, she hoped it wasn’t. 

She followed along.

A new sensation built inside of her at the same time that pins and needles crawled along her limbs, caressing her with a cold and somber note. Her voice was taken over to the heady rush of chanting and she lost her mind to the altered state rushing upon her. Janine closed her eyes and surrendered to the orgasmic power rushing through her. 

Unknown to her, shadows raced across the walls sans physical objects or bodies and the candles flickered with a possessed fervor. The atmosphere changed as the air thickened and grew tense. 

Something shifted and a groan rose from beneath their feet. The chanting tapered off. The rush subsided. Janine opened her eyes.

Indeed. It was a photoshoot like she’d never experienced before. 


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