Keeping Secrets 

“I’m only telling you this because you can’t tell anyone else,” I said matter of factly, my hands making quick work. “Ever since I was a kid I wanted to do this. You’re my first, though.”

A muffled response reached my ears. 

“Now, now,” I chided, “Don’t speak. It’ll just ruin your stitches and probably hurt. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

I stepped back and inspected my work. The stitches were beautiful and ensured she wouldn’t speak any time soon. Bitches needed to be contained, after all. Stupid cunts talked way too much.
I checked on her chains. They passed inspection and were secure.

I smiled and nodded once. “I’ll see you later.”

I left her in the basement, chained and muffled. Hopefully she didn’t cry. All that snot would make it uncomfortable to breathe, after all. It looked like I finally found someone who would keep my secrets.


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