I also wrote this and shared it with a friend on or around October 7, 2015.

My eye is shut,
A Cyclops blinded by nobody,
Blindfolded two eyes to resist,
Ears closed yet I still hear that siren song.

The longing never ceases,
Home but a dream.
The pages of arcane stories beckon to my weary heart,
Unceasing in their revelations.

I dream through the eyes of Ulysses.
The great ones seek and play,
Home is but a memory and
I am lost in this vastness. Unbelonging.

No ship under foot,
No map in sight.
My heart hungers for mirages and
Illusions spur me onward.
© Brandy Owens 
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Stay tuned. There’s more in the works, as long as the Muses and characters cooperate! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day or night, whenever you are. 


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