October 7, 2015

I wrote this untitled poem and shared it with a friend on October 7, 2015.

Goddess of artificial life,

Rotting inside.

Lifetimes erode a longing heart.

What am I to do?

We are all lost, seeking,

Hoping and our souls become attached.

This poison, my kryptonite,

Downfall of the ancients.

Slayer of all,

This beating, hated thing

Radiating anguish.

There is no end, relief in sight

I drown forever.

Death no deliverance for a battered heart,

Happiness in exile.

Lost from me, no calling, no wailing screeches

Time immemorial, unremembered to my amnesiac soul

Yet the torment will remain.

Love, a self-destruction.

I swallow this poison unwillingly.

Bittersweet annihilation, into the ether I dwell.

To see my self-destruction,

Look to my chest and the unrelenting heart within.
© Brandy Owens 
If you like this, check out my short story, “Lover’s Inferno”, available here on Amazon.
Stay tuned. There’s more in the works, as long as the Muses and characters cooperate! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day or night, whenever you are. 


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