Pandora’s Box 


Hope escaped

Glittering wings lie torn

Away from deathly silhouette

Sorrows roam free

Tainting your gilded prison

World, how you love to suffer

Crying out to deaf primordials

Begging for your end

Writing verse and prose

Immortalizing your mortality

Choosing oppression

Yes, you live to

Breathe false hope

Bathe yourselves in sorrow

Cry, “No more!”

Twist your own fates

Turn back the clock

Let the blood run

As the dying plead for salvation

One last time

All because you opened

Pandora’s Box
© Brandy Owens 
If you like this, check out my short story, “Lover’s Inferno”, available here on Amazon.
Stay tuned. There’s more in the works, as long as the Muses and characters cooperate! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day or night, whenever you are. 


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