Prompt 805

I could go away forever.
The sea calls to me. It fills me with a sweet melancholy longing. I could rejoin with Her and we could be happy, She tells me. Why doom myself to a lonely life as a landlocked selkie?
The horizon taunts me.
“Come to me,” I hear, a voice beneath a whisper. The waves lap at my calves. I could find my pelt – I knew where it was, even while I pretended I didn’t. Maybe I should put it on one last time and swim out to the depth that no one can see me from shore.
Maybe I should get lost in the waves.
Maybe I should go away forever.

“You are standing on the edge of the sand right before your feet are hitting the water. You stare out into the ocean. Write a story about the many thoughts going through your head.” -“1,000 Creative Writing Prompts” by Bryan Cohen
© Brandy Owens 
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Stay tuned. There’s more in the works, as long as the Muses and characters cooperate! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day or night, whenever you are. 


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