Always Receive Payment Upfront

This isn’t my personal experience but it is inspired by a situation which impacts me directly.

Someone I am close to provided a service (caregiving, which involves gas as well as physical labor and the sheer ability to care about someone else, which is in short supply in this society) with the expectation that the woman in question would pay for the service.

When the errands were complete, he asked her if she would pay him. Her reply was, “I don’t think you need it this time.”

This inspired me to fly into a rage. I almost marched to her home and gave her a piece of my mind, with many sentence enhancers. The fact of the matter, is: If you don’t think the person who provided you with a service “needs” to be paid for their work, you don’t need the service. Period.

Unfortunately, being a kind and giving person is not an asset in business.

The moral of the story (as I’ve been saying) is: To all freelancers, get paid at least half upfront. Lawyers require a retainer before they’ll take a case so why shouldn’t freelancers? When you’re an independent contractor, for lack of a better word, it is unfortunately your responsibility to ensure you’re paid for your work. Do not work for free just because there are some clients who seek to cheat you and trick you into slave labor for them.


Published by

B. Victoria Owens

Victoria Owens is an author located in the mountain west of America. When she isn't writing, she's spending quality time with her boyfriend, gaming, reading, watching movies, or any number of other activities.

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