The OA Season 1: Review

TITLE: The OA, Season 1


GENRE: Scifi/Fantasy

RATING (OUT OF 5): 3.5/5

GENERAL SUMMARY: A woman “attempts suicide” and then they discover that she’s actually a missing person. She’s been missing for 7 years and her story is an incredible one of numerous near death experiences, spiritual encounters, and experimentation.

BEST: The flashbacks were interesting. You’re always left wondering if the more fantastical elements are true, or if she invented those subconsciously in order to deal with the situations she lived through. The bond between the people with her underground is also a big plus. Her consistency and belief in herself is admirable. It leaves you wanting to know the real truth, for sure.

WORST: I hated, absolutely hated, her adoptive parents. The less screen time you see of them, the better. I didn’t like the characters she chose to share her story with. I related to her experience of being medicated from a young age and even that doing nothing because the things she described were spiritual in nature, and while that ability to relate to the character’s struggle is a good thing, I wanted to hurt her adoptive parents for hurting her. It’s a good thing for a story to inspire strong emotion, but be warned that there’s a lot of intensity in this show. I thought that her loving, passive personality was a little bit too much, too stereotypically “New Age”, and I thought her niceness was unrealistic for everything she’s been through.

COMMENTS: I give it 3.5 stars because it leaves a lot of mystery and unanswered questions, and ends with a cliffhanger.



AHS: Roanoke Review

TITLE: American Horror Story: Roanoke


GENRE: Horror, Drama

RATING (OUT OF 5): 5/5

GENERAL SUMMARY: A married couple moves to the woods in North Carolina and find out that their land and the surrounding area is haunted by not only bloodthirsty ghosts but also cannibal hillbillies. It’s shown in a creative way: as a TV show within a TV show.

BEST: The story behind the ghosts in this one. The way the story is structured and told.

WORST: There’s common misinformation about how schizoaffective disorder presents itself.

COMMENTS: This is, by far, the most interesting season of the show. It held my attention through the two binge viewings I did (one by myself, one to introduce it to someone else), which isn’t easy.

A Blurb

This is a promo pic and blurb for a story from my upcoming anthology.

“Please, man!” I cried, hands up. “I don’t know anything!”

“Like I said,” Ernie responded, steadying his gun one more time, “I can’t take that chance.” The other four men backed him up and surrounded us like wild animals around their prey, teeth bared and snarling. Ernie pulled the trigger and this time he didn’t miss.


Where Did Everything Go?

I’m currently working on creating my own anthology of work. I’m adding previously posted work as well as work which no one has yet seen. It is, so far, rather dark but also quirky.

Until my anthology is published, I will not post any flash fiction, short stories, poems, etc. However, I will post blurbs and images I make to promote longer range work.

You can also look forward to tarot musings (which I’ll post under the category, “Journey Into Apokalypsis”) as well as information about the paranormal and other mysterious topics. I tried to maintain two other blogs about those topics but I feel it’s best to condense all of it in this one blog.

If you look on the side bar, there’s further information about how to get in contact with me if you’d like. More will be added as it comes. Stay tuned.

Process of Rearranging

I’m currently in the process of rearranging a few things, this blog included. I’ve had some personal problems which took me far away from the writing, and they’re ongoing so I can’t guarantee consistent writing or networking.

However, I am always working on new ideas and implementing them. Part of that is currently rearranging and taking out the old to bring in the new.

Just A Tiny Blurb

“Do either of you have any weird talents?” Camille asked. Anything to break the tension.

“Define weird,” Elise told her. She scooped linguine onto her fork and put it in her mouth, chewing delicately. Between bites, she said, “I can sing all of Bohemian Rhapsody in different voices but that’s probably not what you’re looking for.”

“Oh, you can sing!” Camille exclaimed joyfully. “I tried to learn guitar in high school but never got anywhere. Just think, in a different world, we could start a band.” She giggled to herself.